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 We Call This “Developed?”
If a man is not satisfied with what he has,
He won’t be satisfied with what he wants.

In the Belly of the Mass Comm Beast
A maverick telecom engineer takes on Mass Communications Education.

The Deep Snot Baby
Watch his tantrums fuck up the world.

Political Snarkasm
Hard-Hitting Political Cartoons

From Navy to Now
The lighter side of a military education.

Fascist Knowledge
What do Fascists really know?

Rebirth of the Elite
What the future may hold.

A Brief History of the Third World
Political satire.

Alo’ha Ha’ole
Why do the Hawiians call us Ha’ole?

My Favorite Quotes
A list.

Money, Community, a Dog and a Goat
Satire on the “isms.”

Another Non-Judicial Execution
Why do they kill?





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