The Other War with Iran, Epilogue

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 came as no surprise to me. In fact, my pun was “Aya tol’ ya it would happen, Khow meni times?” Capitalist historians record the revolutionaries with vaguely defined buzz words: “theocratic,” “Islamic,” “leftist,” “liberal,” “socialist” or “Marxist;” inane labels pasted to those who don’t see money as the end-all solution to everything. Sure, Iran wanted to advance. She wanted the new technologies to be integrated into her 2,500-year-old society, without the negative side-effects clearly revealed by the thousands of Iranians studying in American universities. But would we discuss these issues? No, we would only dictate how they must live. We’re the best and they must follow. Period.

But when people who actually trust in God come face to face with those who use Him mainly in a promotional slogan, the conflict between religious and economic fundamentalism intensifies. Who is the real aggressor; those who look to God for peace or those who look to Him for profit? The United States has sought control of Middle Eastern minerals and economies for several decades, first with a supremacist attitude, then with propaganda, followed by bribes, puppet dictators, sabotage, wars and false-flag operations to justify invasions and murder; all defying the standards established by our Heritage, all done in secrecy and covered up with elaborate conspiracy theories… and all done in vain. The battle rages on.

I wonder what the world would be like if the bozos in our banks, our boardrooms, the Beltway, the Pentagon and the Press could ever find the courage to use the most powerful weapons ever possessed by the United States of America: Truth and Honor. Only in them lies victory.


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