Rebirth of the Elite

The Milky Way… where we live now. Courtesy of NASA.

We don’t remember our conception. We don’t remember the womb, birth, suckling or being cuddled, kissed, hugged and lifted in the air by loving relatives. We don’t remember our diapers or our first toddler’s steps. But we are conscious of the very first memory of our existence. For me it was my father’s navy blue trousers and brown leather belt as I climbed into his maroon 1940 Chevy coupe. I even remember its smell. Suddenly I was aware that I could sense and feel a glorious planet enveloping and entertaining me. I was alive. I was a “me.”

When we go to sleep, our memory and awareness shut down. In dreams, our brains create visions of our awareness, but our concept of time disappears. When we awake, we again become aware of our existence within our environment. But most of our dreams – like the womb – are soon forgotten by the “me.”

Death is like going to sleep. But as our memory and awareness fade, electrons continue their amazing journeys around the nuclei of the tiny little universes called atoms that made up our bodies. And this will not change. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms in our water will remain hydrogen and oxygen atoms, even as the water evaporates. Our carbon will remain carbon; our calcium will remain calcium. The vast, phenomenal universal atomic energy of what was once a “me” will go on forever, whether we are cremated, preserved in a monument or buried unshrouded to dissipate into Mother Earth. Matter cannot be destroyed; it can only change form. But what about awareness? Where does it go? What happens to the “me?” Has it ended?

About five years after one’s death, a small child somewhere will awaken to the very first memory of her existence. But she’ll have no previous memory of her first toddler’s steps or her diapers. She won’t remember being lifted in the air, hugged, kissed and cuddled by loving relatives, suckling, being born, being in a womb, conception… or anything she may have experienced before conception. Who will she be? In her thoughts, she’ll be a “me,” a new self and mind to explore life with an empty memory, yet to be filled. In this manner, couldn’t we all one day become this little girl – a new “me” to replace our forgotten awareness? Like this, could we not assume a new life?

When we look deeper into non-matter – the phenomenal relationships of mind, consciousness, awareness, memory, time and energy – we’re more likely to understand the idea of reincarnation.

Rebirth of the Elite:
Indeed I hope that each and every one of the elite enjoy a long and happy life, not so much to increase their possessions, but to increase their awareness of what may actually happen in the Hereafter. My greatest concern is that five years after the death of a particularly avaricious elite, a little girl will become aware of her existence in a remote country that some billionaires have labeled “undesirable,” and have created ever-increasing food and water shortages or grueling wars to rid it of its unprofitable humanity. The little girl will survive in ignorance of the manipulation and grow up to be a barely alive woman who receives the one true gift from Creation – the infinite and unconditional love of a new-born child. But the shortages increase to such a degree that her milk dries up and the baby dies in her arms.

As she closes its eyes in gut-wrenching remorse, she expends every bit of what little energy she has left to scream at the sky in agony, “Why… why?” She will be totally unaware that it happened because the self-worshipping elite – like the one she’s unaware she once was – did not have the courage, the intelligence, the honesty or the decency to get off their knees in front of their money-god to stand in the face of Truth. Instead they turned their backs on their responsibilities to their fellow man and planet, and fled in a wild-eyed, salivating terror to hide in garish monuments to their pathetic egos. And as the once-elite woman goes on to the next “me,” she has no idea how many more excruciating lives must she endure to settle her debt to Eternity.

2016 © copyright The Other Third World


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